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Aluminum doors and windows installation steps

Aluminum doors and windows installation steps

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2016/10/19 16:22
1, crossed positioning:
(1) According to the installation location, size and elevation of doors and windows in the design drawings, measure the edges of the doors and windows according to the center lines of the doors and windows. In the case of multi-storey or high-rise buildings, the edge of the top door and window shall prevail. The edge of the door and window shall be led downwards by a wire-fall or theodolite, and the marking shall be marked on the doors and windows of all floors.
(2) The horizontal position of doors and windows should be based on the level of +50 cm inside the floor. Each layer must maintain the same height under the window skin.
2, aluminum window drape water installation:
According to the requirements of the construction drawings will be fixed on the aluminum alloy window, and to ensure the correct location, installation of solid.
3, anti-corrosion treatment:
(1) When the anti-corrosion treatment design on the outer surface of the door and window frame is required, it shall be dealt with according to the design requirements. If the design is not required, the anti-corrosion coating or plastic film can be painted to protect it from leaking to the surface of the aluminum alloy door and window , Produce electrochemical reaction, corrosion of aluminum alloy doors and windows.
(2) When installing aluminum alloy doors and windows, if the connecting iron pieces are fixed, the connecting metal parts such as the iron pieces and the fixing pieces are preferably made of stainless steel pieces, or they must be treated with anti-corrosion to avoid electrochemical reaction and corrosion of the aluminum alloy Doors and windows.
4, aluminum doors and windows installed in place:
According to the designated window and door positioning line, install aluminum alloy door and window frame, and timely adjust the door and window frame horizontal, vertical and diagonal length in line with quality standards, and then temporary fixed with wedges.
5, aluminum doors and windows fixed:
(1) When the wall is embedded with iron pieces, the iron legs of the aluminum alloy doors and windows can be directly welded with the embedded iron pieces on the wall body, and the welding place needs to be treated with antirust treatment.
(2) When there is no embedded iron piece on the wall, the iron foot of the aluminum alloy window and door can be fixed to the wall with a metal expansion bolt or a plastic expansion bolt.
(3) When the wall is not embedded iron pieces, you can also use the electric drill to play the wall 80mm deep, 6mm diameter hole, with L-type 80mm × 50mm 6rmn steel, the long end glued 108 glue slurry , And then into the hole until 108 glue slurry final setting, and then the aluminum alloy doors and windows of iron foot and embedded 6mm steel welding.
6, door and window frame and the gap between the walls of processing:
(1) After the aluminum alloy doors and windows are installed and fixed, concealed work acceptance shall be conducted first, and the gap between the door window frame and the wall body shall be dealt with according to the design requirements after passing the qualification.
(2) If the design is not required, flexible insulation materials or glass wool felt straps may be used to fill the gaps layer by layer, leaving 5-8mm deep notches on the outer surface for caulking sealant or sealant.
7, doors and windows and glass doors and windows installed:
(1) Door, window, door and window glass shall be installed on the surface of the wall of the hole after acceptance inspection.
(2) After the sliding doors and windows are installed and fixed in the door and window frame, the whole set of glass doors and windows will fit into the chute, and the gap between the doors and windows can be adjusted well.
(3), open the windows and doors in the frame and the fan frame assembly on the wall, the installation of fixed and then safety glass, that is, first adjust the frame and the fan gap, then the glass into the fan and adjust the position, and finally inlaid seal And sealants.
(4), the spring door should be installed in the door frame and ground spring host and then safety door fan. First embedded in the glass frame and frame into the frame together, adjust the frame fan gap, and finally filled the glass door seal and sealant.
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