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Do doors and windows have what common hardware accessories?

Do doors and windows have what common hardware accessories?

Company news
2016/10/19 16:23
All kinds of metal and nonmetal fittings installed on windows and doors of buildings. This is the definition of a broad sense, the current doors and windows hardware more and more scenarios are defined as aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories. Then we start from the aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories, to introduce everyone to the common hardware accessories doors and windows!
Widely used in windows and doors, furniture and other scenes, the material is iron, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel and so on. Door and window hinge can be roughly divided into aluminum alloy hinge and traditional wooden doors 4X3 hinge (also known as we usually see more square hinge).
Yi Ousi special Guoqiang / lattice house hinge
Slide (hinge)
Hinge for the belt products, mainly used in high-rise aluminum alloy hung windows, outside the open window. It wants to hinge structure is more stable and reliable, wind resistance is higher.
Handle (handle lock, handle)
Popular handle also said that is the handle, or door handle. In addition to our common form of handle (such as: the door handle at home), in the aluminum alloy doors and windows there are specific titles called fork handle, square handle shaft, seven handle and so on. These three kinds of hand application field are different.
Bar lock
Aluminum alloy doors and windows in the unique products, it should be used in sliding doors, sliding sash. Is a simple, easy and convenient door and window lock solution. And cheap, beautiful appearance.
Crescent lock
With the lock belongs to the same type of product, also used for sliding doors, sliding sash. Its cost is lower.
Use with bar lock or crescent lock for sliding door and sliding window. The use of aluminum alloy to consider the profile, notch, orbit and other factors.
Password lock (fingerprint lock)
In recent years, the new type of door locks, used for hotels, guesthouses, gradually into the field of home improvement, with relevant statistics. In recent years, 60% of lock enterprises into the industry, we can imagine the industry into a furious degree.
door closer
Door closers, also known as automatic door closers. Should be used in a wide range of scenarios, almost all of the questions can use the door closer. Formerly used for fire doors, more and more consumers put it on his own door.
Ground spring
With the rise of the glass door, the spring was followed by a fire. In the office building, almost all the company's front glass doors have its shadow.
Door suction (door touch)
Is installed in the back of the door, after the door is opened, the magnetic suction through the door stable, to prevent the wind will automatically shut down.
Easy to use Europe alone customized models of magnetic tape
Door mirror
Commonly known as the cat's eye, its role is from the inside out through the door mirror to see the outside field of view is about 120 degrees outside the scope of all the scenes, but from the door through the door mirror but can not see anything in the room. If you put the mirror on the door of a public house or private apartment, etc., it will play a role in the security and safety of the family and is an indispensable tool for the existing family.