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2017 door and window industry ten key words

2017 door and window industry ten key words

Company news
2016/10/19 16:24
By the end of the year, review and conclusion are indispensable. Doors and windows are in an important period of transformation and upgrading. The occasion of change, opportunities and confusion in the same, is in the torrent of being submerged, submerged, or to stand on the forefront, to see if companies can grasp the ropes in the changing situation.
What are the new trends in the door and window industry in 2017, the hotly-held windows and doors industry in 2017 where the outlet?
Top Ten Key Words in Window & Door Industry Take You to Review the Industry Trends in 2017:
Custom doors and windows
Increasingly younger doors and windows market, product quality is guaranteed at the same time, consumers are increasingly pursuing personalized, abandon the traditional doors and windows products, custom doors and windows gradually by consumers and recognition of the favor. In order to meet the arrival of younger and younger consumer market, many brands started to develop customized windows and doors, and achieved good results, the development of personalized custom windows and doors brand products not only cater to changes in consumer demand, but also in line with industry development and market development Changes in the trend. In the future, the demand for customized products is greater, and the customization of door and window brands is also a big trend.
Smart windows and doors
With the rapid development of domestic industry, "smart" home improvement market has become a hot words, consumer demand for windows and doors is not limited to a single security to protect the family, but expect doors to reconcile theft, robbery, clean indoor air, alarm system technology And many other smart features. Therefore, how to combine technology with doors and windows to make each door and window more perfect and meet the needs of each user becomes a trend of development of windows and doors.
System windows and doors
System windows and doors, is a perfect combination of performance system, you need to consider a series of important functions such as water tightness, airtightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, security, sunshade, weatherability, Also consider the equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, viscose, seals the performance of the combined results, are indispensable to the formation of high-performance system doors and windows.
Experiential consumption
Consumer attitudes and values ​​are also constantly changing, people buy products, services, more and more attention to the emotional benefits of the product. For large and bulky consumer goods such as windows and doors, consumers often lack the purchasing experience and lack the knowledge and understanding of the product. Therefore, more and more window and door enterprises respected experiential consumption, only in the process of experience, consumers can more fully understand the product, can also help consumers make better buying decisions, so that consumers pay more steadily And rest assured.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Two sessions this year again the continuation of "green economy" issues, we can see the path of sustainable development and environmental protection route is not only mandatory country, but also a necessary requirement to protect the environment, but also doors and windows to the sound development of long-term development must adhere idea. Door and window industry in recent years has maintained rapid development, it also means more and more intense competition within the industry, do not want to be first out of the market, it must be based on the development of mankind on the basis of energy development, in response to national environmental policy, it is very important.
O2O mode
The emergence of "Internet +" has not only changed the development mode of enterprises, but also greatly changed the life style of consumers. As the future trend of Internet marketing, the brand of window and door can not turn a blind eye. Therefore, many windows and doors enterprises to establish a complete set of O2O mode, using strategic integration of online and offline development, online solve open, fair and impartial consumer demands, while the line as a support resource, including design, exhibition, logistics and so on. Undeniably, doors and windows businesses combined with the store is an inevitable trend.
Cross-cutting development
Cross-cutting development has always been a big hot topic in the window and door home furnishing industry. In 2017, with even more surprising stance, it has made strides forward. With the rapid development of real estate, home customization has become a development trend, so many windows and doors enterprises also cross-border development custom cabinets, custom wardrobe, etc., have seized beach custom home market, the development and expansion of enterprise size.
Brand competition
In the current market competition, the price war has become a tense, and the competition around the brand is gradually becoming the focus of market competition. Whether it is to actively join the brand competition or forced to accept, brand building and construction have become the focus of doors and windows brands can not be ignored.
In today's era, the competition between windows and doors is getting more and more fierce. Countless brands of all sizes, not every window and door brand, can achieve good development. It may never come to its forebrain and may become a household name overnight. So, this also requires the window and door brands need to correctly view the brand issue.
New retail
The "new retail" mode has become the future development trend of the window and door industry. The so-called new retail refers to an e-commerce platform that will disappear in the future and a combination of online, offline and logistics, resulting in a business operation mode of "online + Offline + logistics ", e-commerce platform and retail entities to cooperate with each other through the big data to keep abreast of consumer demand. E-commerce strong rise, which for doors and windows industry in fact, there are many aspects of great room for improvement; also to the development of doors and windows enterprises has brought more challenges.
Multiple promotion
In the shadow of the industry does not promote the sale, promotion seems to be the door and window industry to promote the development of a "life-saving straw." However, with the growing maturity of consumers, the traditional marketing methods have been difficult to ignite the enthusiasm of consumers. In response, the rationalization needs of the promotion activities will once again be "awakened"; windows and doors businesses, distributors need to be more rational treatment of market and consumer changes, a wide range of marketing, triggering industry and consumer concerns to This push forward the cause of development.