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2017 energy-saving windows and doors industry status quo

2017 energy-saving windows and doors industry status quo

Company news
2017/12/13 21:56
With economic development, large energy consumption, low utilization efficiency and increasingly restrained energy resources, China, as a big consumer of energy, is under increasing pressure to tackle and improve its energy needs. Data show that by the end of 2015, the proportion of building energy consumption in total energy consumption has risen to 27.45%, while more than 97% of China's current buildings are high-energy-consuming buildings. The energy consumption of windows and doors accounts for 45% -50% of the total energy consumption in the society and accounts for 20% of the total energy consumption of the society. Windows and doors have become the weakest link in building energy conservation in our country. Under such a huge energy consumption, energy-saving windows and doors industry rise. The following is the 2017 annual energy saving windows and doors industry summary.
Energy-saving windows and doors industry three characteristics
1, the industry continues to expand
After entering the 21st century, China's annual demand for doors and windows nearly 500 million square meters. At the same time, national government departments repeatedly introduced a new energy-saving building policy, and various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions also successively formulated local building energy-saving design standards. Under such circumstances, the construction door and window industry has accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation, product upgrading and quality improvement and launched a large number of new environmentally friendly and energy-saving products to the community, thus making the industry enjoy unprecedented growth.
Data show that to reach the design standards for building energy efficiency around the door and window products is about 50%. It is reported that due to the technical content of energy-saving door and window products is higher than ordinary products, the state quality inspection departments to its supervision and inspection efforts, "roadside shop" and "guerrillas" not follow suit and other reasons, leading to the current value-added energy saving products far Higher than ordinary products. Generally qualified energy-saving windows and doors products profit margin of about 12% -15%, relative to the profit margin of less than 5% of traditional doors and windows products, energy-saving windows and doors apparently more favored by the business. Therefore, in recent years, many have a strength of the profile manufacturers and doors and windows curtain wall enterprises have joined the energy-saving windows and doors industry to expand the scale of the industry.
2, the backbone of the industry has been formed
It is understood that a few years ago, China's building doors and windows industry in small-scale enterprises, technology and equipment times, the state of low quality products. For the energy-saving doors and windows market, with engineering focus, a large amount of money invested features require enterprises to have a higher design capability, superb processing technology and sophisticated construction technology, which formed a financial barrier for small-scale enterprises. The large backbone enterprises with its strong, reputable advantages quickly occupied a large number of markets, highlighting the advantages of scale. Relying on its technological innovation and market development ability in the production of windows and doors curtain wall, construction field, has become the backbone of the industry in the region.
3, the industry has great potential for innovative products
It is understood that although China's energy-saving windows and doors industry has made considerable development, but compared with the market demand, there are still some problems, the main manifestations of two aspects: First, the product of the all-weather problem, the second is the cost. Weatherproof products refer to door and window products that can meet the requirements of different climates in vast areas in our country. They can not only meet the requirements of winter insulation and summer insulation in the northern area but also meet the standards of preventing seawater corrosion and sun exposure in the southern coastal areas. The issue of cost performance refers to how to make more new energy-saving windows and doors products into the homes of ordinary people who still live in old houses.
Building itself, the pursuit of high-quality products, so that the productivity of doors and windows curtain wall industry continue to improve the quality requirements. Manufacturers should always consider the products developed by customers and markets, use it to produce quality products, and provide them to customers, so as to be able to walk in front of the times modular and unified mass production and price. In contrast, the lack of capital strength, no war, to meet the new challenges of the manufacturer will be eliminated.
Relevant information shows that many of the buildings built in our construction, more than 97% are high energy-consuming buildings. Based on this, it is estimated that by 2020, the country's high energy-consuming construction area will reach 70 billion square meters. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to building energy efficiency design, it will directly raise our energy crisis. At present, over 90 billion square meters of existing buildings in China belong to high energy-consuming buildings. In high-energy buildings, windows and doors accounted for nearly half of energy. Analysis of the industry, building energy efficiency is the key to energy-saving windows and doors. Therefore, the adoption of new energy-saving windows and door curtain walls, existing building energy-saving, energy situation objective requirements, but the walls and windows will also be the inevitable trend of development.